The Australian Crime Commission has today unveiled a year-long covert money laundering investigation codenamed Eligo following a record $5.7 million cash seizure in Sydney at the weekend (Saturday, 18 January 2014).

The Eligo National Task Force, established in 2012 as an Australian Crime Commission-led special investigation into the use of alternative remittance and informal value transfer systems by serious and organised crime, has seized more than $580 million worth of drugs and assets, including $26 million in cash.

The task force has also disrupted 18 serious and organised crime groups and identified 128 criminal targets previously unknown to law enforcement. These criminal targets have been placed on the Australian Crime Commission’s National Criminal Target List, and include targets operating in more than 20 countries. See full story by following this link. Money Laundering

Australian Crime Commission Thu, 23/01/2014




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