The Day of The JackalI don’t get a lot of time for reading so I decided to find a way to inject extra enthusiasm into this pastime.

I chose a book, searched it out and acquired it from one of the many great bookstores in my city. I chose Frederick Forsyth’s The Day of the Jackal a near pristine copy from a 1995 print run. Twenty one chapters, 412 pages

My quest is to visit as many stores as possible, taking my chosen book with me and along the way reading a few chapters in each store until the read is completed. The rules are simple in that I can only read the chosen book in a book store, not at home, not on the train and definitely not at the cafe.

I can have coffee at the bookstore and if possible a glass of wine. I can take friends with me, perhaps they could bring their favorite book and revisit its excitement. We may even discuss their taste.

I’ve visited four stores so far and have completed chapter 1, so I’m up to page 27. This is shaping up to be a long and rewarding journey. I look forward to meeting new friends, discovering authors and of course enjoying the company of all those wonderful books.

Today I read at Elizabeth’s Bookshop Newtown. It’s one of my favourite bookstores. Everyone is welcoming and helpful. In fact that’s where I purchased my copy of The Day of the Jackal.

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